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The Alhambra Bar is thought to have been given its exotic name in 1898 by the first proprietor, metallurgist Eugenio Vanzetti, who made his fortune in the gold rush and who had previously spent time in Spain learning about mining. The first Alhambra Bar was constructed with columns and archways reminiscent of the famed Alhambra Palace in Andalusia, Spain and the bar is thought to have featured a mural of the centuries old building, which had a central court leading from outside rooms and was likened to a paradise on Earth.


Basket Food

served with chips

served with chips

served with chips

served with chips

red wine and mushroom sauce, horseradish mash


bacon, nap sauce, cheese, salad & chips

chips, salad, onion rings and sauce

pumpkin risotto, pesto and toasted pine nuts

charred cauliflower, sautΓ©ed potatoes, apple gravy & crackling

mash, broccoli and gravy

irish prok sausagges, creammy mash bacon and gravy

Chesse, lettuce, truffle mayo

beef pattie, crispy bacon, cheese and burguer sauce

onions rings, tomato relish swiss, cheese and salad


We have an extensive range of options for you to choose from and if you are unsure of anything then let our experience guide you to making your function memorable and enjoyable.

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